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On Mon, 2008-07-28 at 18:08 -0500, Gian Paolo Mureddu wrote: 
> Paul W. Frields escribió:
> > Yes, I would like to avoid setting up a bunch of new slogans all at the
> > same time.  At the same time, I realize that the alliteration ("f" at
> > the beginning of all the words) won't work outside English, for which I
> > apologize.  But the *ideas* are strong, so translating those words
> > directly would still be powerful, I think.
> >
> > Part of the power of a slogan comes from using it consistently.  If
> > everyone makes their own, how do we tell the difference between the
> > unofficial ones and the official one?  Frankly, I'd rather see T-shirts
> > not reflect any slogan, just the branding (logo) and website.
> >
> >   
> Hello Paul.
> Regarding the 4 foundations, maybe they should be better exposed in the 
> Wiki. Just ran a quick search of the Wiki for a mixed variations of  the 
> words "4 foundations", "four foundations" and "foundations" and of all 
> results I couldn't get one which linked to the main article explaining 
> those. Also it may be a good idea to advertise them in the font page for 
> the Wiki, since they're the basic idea upon which Fedora ideals and 
> values revolve. Maybe this has already been done and I simply didn't 
> browse or search the *right* places. I wanted to do see an explanation 
> for them as it may better aid with translations other than "Freedom = 
> Libertad", "Friendship = Amistad", etc, but putting the full reasoning 
> behind the words, just like it was the case when these words were chosen 
> to be the foundations ;-)
> I appologize to reply to this thread here instead of addressing this on 
> a more appropriate channel (Marketing?)

This is a good point!  I did a search for "infinity freedom voice" and
also got no page saying those are official slogans. :-\

This really needs a page on the wiki, like Marketing/Slogans.
Unfortunately I'm stranded at a hotel where the network is horrible.
(The search I just did?  Took 7.5 minutes, whereas it normally takes
only a few seconds.)  I'm forwarding this to f-marketing-l where we can
mark it as an action item in our next meeting.

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