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Tue Jul 29 07:33:31 UTC 2008

   - Joe Rugar
   - Beeville, TX US
   - Freelance CG Artist, Airbrush Artist
   - Amature Radio operator, Currently working for TDCJ (Teaxa Department of
   Criminal Justice)
   - To help promote and educate the community at large about fedora and
   linux in general
   - What i would like to see in fedora is not much other than to see it get
   more and more public veiw
   - Help make presentations and videos about fedora to give back to the
   - started with linux back with kernel 1 using slackware on 3.5" floppies
   copying form one computer to anohter
   - Help promote a local linux users group as well as give presentations on
   linux in general
   - In the past i have helped promote several business i help to promote a
   local hunting ranch to help lease it for hunt ing seasons as well as to help
   promote a club in odessa, tx with creating logos t-shirts and other
   materials for bands that played at the club.  The first month the hunting
   ranch got over 3,000 hits to there web site with my promotion to search
   engines, and other hunting related sites as well as promoting it to hunting
   and fishing magazines. I am currently working on trying to help the linux
   community at large with a personal project to help promote distros by
   creating free and branded commericals to be played on the net and if the
   distros would like they could use them for free of course for promotions on
   tv networks and local public broadcasting networks in tehre areas.
   - Programming, both computer games and business software using database
   backends using mysql and linux as the servers.  Currently working on
   bringing back an old BBS style setup using fedora core as the underlying
   Operating System.
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