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Re: Screencast Ideas wiki

Diego Escobar wrote:

Thanks for your response. Is a excelent way to do Fedora better.
As you know ambassadors usually are the connection point between the final user and Fedora community in general. In my case, many people tell me some suggestions about they would like to have in Fedora. Always is good listen the user. Could you explain me how it works? I supose I just edit and write the idea with a short description, there are no more requeriments? Regards.

Diego Escobar
Fedora Ambassador for Colombia
Fedora Release 9 (Sulphur): Linux Kernel 2.6.25 + Gnome 2.22
Pretty much that's it, edit the wiki page and type out what the screencast should cover. Explain with details or an example problem that the screen cast would solve, if necessary.

http://ridleytx.structed.net (for now)
http://michaelbox.net (eventually)
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