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Hello, this is my first message, wanna tell all first that is an honor to me joining this project

Hello everyone, please let me tell you my history with Fedora and The Free software world.

I'm Guilherme Gonçalves from Rio de Janeiro *(Brazil) but the community prefer call me "Razgriz"*(i really don't know why but perhaps...my ex-wife can explain this thing one day if...).

My first contact with tux was in 1996 and i am a "pure"*(100% free software user) user since 1997. But my contributions inside the world of free software started only in the earlies of 2005 writing documentation about computer graphics with free software at "vol"*(www.vivaolinux.com.br), some months after my first doc, Davidson Paulo(the creator of the old project "Guia Bozolinux" and now a Ambassador) invited me to write a book about the "Gnu Image Manipulation Program*(Gimp), it was a huge and very ambitious project but in the end with hard work yeah we did it! =] then since that great moment my life was turned into a goal : the community must respect the computer graphics made with free software but first the community must know more about it ! Then i will continue doing documentation to teach all thing that i know and what i will learn about it in the future.

Well, my history with Fedora starts in 2007, when i met Rodrigo Padula and Cristiano Furtado*(jasoonfedora) and he convinced me to get fedora and try it during the event, after some time inside the same event he invited me to join the ambassadors team, but thanks to problems with time we lost contact. A couple of months later he invited me to joying the artwork team of the project "Revista Fedora Brazil" and now i feel that i can help more making my work in the magazine padronizing the layout, creating new visual stuff for the project and helping with other tasks and taking fedora to my classes in the Linux events that my default mini-course "The Gimp for creative minds"  and other actions  where invited.

Well, here i am to help everyone and contribute with everything that i can, i will do my best to the project as you all make every time.

just one last ask, if someone wanna know more about computergraphics, please just send me an email and i will help you, and if you know portuguese and think that stuff is usefull please translate this to other language =]. 

please use or read :

http://www.projetofedora.org/Revista (since second edition)

http://www.vivaolinux.com.br/perfil/verPerfil.php?login=razgriz (my documents inside that web portal)


http://www.ogimp.com.br/  (vide gimp zine)

http://unilivre.sourceforge.net/O_GIMP_para_Mentes_Criativas (my first book about computer graphics) 

http://razgrizbox.wordpress.com/ (personal documentation blog)

http://www.gnu-lia.org/(another project that i contribute)

Thanks to everyone again and i so sorry by some language errors (long time wihout write in english but i will fix it very very soon)



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