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Re: First Email...

HI Indrayana,
welcome and great to hear that.
Thanks you & Have a Nice Day

Best Regards,
Jason Benedict Low
*Allow us to treat you with the individuality you deserve!

Indrayana MB. wrote:
Dear All,

I'm Indrayana Mulya Bhakti from Jakarta, Indonesia I've join many Free Open Source Community in my country... Because I think, it's good for our country condition...

I have been using Free Open Source Software (FOSS) since 9 years ago. And very interesting in Fedora for the last 2 years. Recently I was moderated Fedora Local Community sites (http://www.fedora.or.id).

My dreams is to make our Fedora Local Community became bigger and bigger as big as other (Ubuntu-ID, openSUSE-ID, and OpenSolaris Indonesia community). I also prepared for Monthly Meeting in the next future. And build many regional community in Indonesia based on province and/or/ district.

I also encourage to intoduce FOSS especially Fedora to every school and trainig center.

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