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Re: Fedora contributor video series experiment

2008/6/5 Paul W. Frields <stickster gmail com>:
> That's a good one, no doubt.  If you wanted to be a bit more open-ended
> (maybe not the best goal, I agree):  "What is Fedora to you?"

I'm going to become increasing more blunt in my responses.

Collectively we have no frelling idea what to do with video footage
like this.    We MUST avoid open ended questions until we have a good
feel for making use of the footage or the footage is just going to sit
around instead of a useful tool.  Just because we can ask open ended
question doesn't mean there is utility in doing it...yet.

If the answers are too long to be compiled into a useful 30 second to
60 second commercial...then no.. i don't want those answers on video
yet... not as part of this sort of scripted documentary style

If we want to give people a video soapbox and be to be expansive...a
miro channel feed is how we are going to do that.  But this specific
experiment is NOT the miro channel concept which I've talked about in
another thread. This is meant to be something different, short usable
clips meant to be usable as raw material for high impact video
messaging that a marketing group can start playing with video as a
messaging tool. High impact video messaging is NOT 10 minute long
rambling commentary..that's what video blogs are for.  I'd rather keep
it too narrow on the first experiment then have it too wide and end up
with a pile of footage that we can't get our head around.


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