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Re: Fedora on Slashdot topics

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
I just noticed that Fedora isn't listed on the Slashdot topics:


And Slashdot editors fall back in using the Red Hat symbol with their
Fedora announcements. Any reason not to request adding Fedora there?

No reason, just go ahead and ask.

However, I expect [*] the reply will be that the two are close enough that only one topic is enough (you may notice they do not have an Ubuntu topic either and the Ubuntu stories are covered by the Debian topic), but is no harm in asking.

[*] my level of expectancy is set from previous cases, like when they were asked to use a correct GNOME icon (following the logo guidelines) and refused (IIRC, because it does not look good enough or something like that).

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