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Re: Screencasts - Cheese

2008/6/9 Clint Savage <herlo1 gmail com>:
>> The only issue I saw with istanbul, was that when I'd sometimes launch an
>> application (cheese, or epiphany to show the cheese website) the audio would
>> get garbled a little or a lot during the presentation.  I am not sure if
>> this is really a bug, or some sort of config error on my part.

Istanbul is a very shallow layer on top of gstreamer. All the encoding
magic is done via a gstreamer pipeline which I believe istanbul
reports to the cmdline and you can reuse with gst-launch.  If you can
reproduce the audio glitches with the gst pipeline using gst-launch
instead of istanbul its probably a gst bug or some sort of glitch due
to cpu spiking disrupting the audio encoding.

But luckily its easy to replace an existing audio track with a new
track.  I'll update the screencasting wiki page this evening with the
audio replacement shell script that works with gst 0.10.


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