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Re: Flyers for FUDCon BOS 2008?

Paul W. Frields wrote:
On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 09:51 -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
A local university I have contacts with are asking about flyers to put
up around the university advertising the upcoming FUDCon event.  Mo has
offered to create some from her templates, but she needs content to put
in it.  Can ya'll work up some content regarding the event for her?

Has anyone picked up the task of providing this content?  Here's
something I wrote for the Summit folks for their daily event newspaper.

NOTE:  Not all of this is going to be relevant in the context of a
university flier.  I trust people's good judgment to adapt it
properly. :-)

FUDCon at the Summit

While Red Hat executives, developers, partners, and customers are
rubbing elbows at the Summit, there's a whole additional event going on
simultaneously. You'll find the Fedora community hard at work,
brainstorming, planning, and hacking on the future of our free, leading
edge, community supported platform. From Thursday to Saturday, we're
holding a Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) here in

Thursday and Friday we'll be here in the Hynes Center on the third
floor, holding all-day “hackathon” sessions extending over many
workgroups in several rooms in the FUDCon space. You can stop by,
introduce yourself, and meet world-class developers, designers, and
system administrators. Ask about the features or platform enhancements
they're working on. Heck, you might even want to roll up your sleeves
and get involved when you meet some of the brainiacs behind Fedora.

On Saturday, we're moving to Boston University, where we'll hold a full
day of BarCamp sessions. At a standard conference, some of the most
rewarding conversations are those that happen in the hallways between or
after sessions. BarCamp makes those conversations the entire focus of
the day. Speakers pitch their talks first thing in the morning, and then
the entire audience collaborates with them on shaping the schedule for
the day.

Sound like chaos? Maybe a bit, but out of that chaos comes one of the
most energizing, captivating, and informative days of Fedora-related
talk imaginable. And when it's all over, we'll adjourn to the
ever-popular FUDPub, where the conversations can continue over a
beverage of your choice.

This innovative and results-centered approach has made FUDCon a can't
miss event for hundreds of Fedora community members and open source
enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. We hope you'll join us while
you're here in Boston and embrace the passionate spirit of free and open
source software that Fedora's all about.

By the way, we'll also be at the Summit's Fedora booth, located near the
Cool Stuff Store. If you bring us a 2 GB or larger USB key, we'll turn
it into a portable Fedora 9 Live system you can use with any USB booting
computer. And all without messing with your other data on the USB key.
No muss, no fuss. So even if you can't fit all the FUDCon innovation in
around the other fun and learning at the Summit, you can still take a
little souvenir home with you.

Thats a great start to the flyers , how ever i'd klike to see some art work on the so people know  that they are  official project  marketing  material.


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