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Hello World!

My name is Lucas do Amaral Saboya I'm 18 years old and I live in the city of Fortaleza in Brazil close to the international airport of Fortaleza (Pinto Martins).

For 4 years I was an webmaster of CEFETCE (Centro Federal de Educação Tecnologica do Ceará - Federal Technology Center of Ceará, and in this period, got my first contact with linux from Fedora Core 4, and now, I am Linux System Administrator on a research project o CEFETCE and a tranee of System Admin at the IT Departament on CEFETCE too.

Since I started this new job @ this research project, I'm responsible for everything about Linux here in the project and some other things, like CD-ROM  development PHP Programming and managing some servers of the IT Department too.

I personally use ONLY Linux for about 4 months, but spent about 3 years on dual boot. Starting with FC4, upgraded to FC5, and FC6, and FC7, and FC8, now I user Fedora Core 9 on my notebook, and other 15 machines, between desktops, servers and thin clients.

Also I got some experiences with Debian, Slackware and Ubuntu, but none of those has the same taste tha Fedora do :D, besides, it's the first Open Source OS I ever used, and never let me down with anything !

And now, that I decided to really get envolved with these linux stuff, I've subscribed in some linux courses, then I'll take some certifications, link LPI levels 1 and 2 and RHCE :)

So, I think I can help this project spreading Fedora over my city.
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