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Miro - help please


I was just about to submit the channel I created to Miro to get the ball
rolling on this whole idea. I've put the rss file on my fedorapeople
space, and pointed the feed to Paul's GVFS video to begin with. 

But...I'm having issues with Miro's website and it won't let me move on
to the next stage of submitting the video. So, would anybody else like
to have a go at it?

You literally only need to go to:


And follow the steps through one by one. Half of information is
auto-filled too from details in the feed itself. A few quick notes:

The video feed file is:


I've called the channel Fedora TV

I was planning on using the vertical Fedora logo from


Urmm...that's about it! If somebody can do the web side stuff for me,
then I'll happily manually maintain the feed for a while until we find a
better solution. 

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