Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Markus McLaughlin hudsonman35 at
Wed Jun 11 16:46:21 UTC 2008

What Apple does for its OS is what Fedora should also do.  Which is a
collection of additional optional software that can do multimedia and
enhance existing technologies.  The "fedoraLife" Concept is several visuals
accompanied by descriptions that will inspire many Fedora programmers to
come up with programs that is missing in Fedora.  What is missing in Fedora?
 Well, to begin with, there is no iPhoto-like software to view photos in a
photo album-like setting.  Another missing software is an iMovie-like
application that edits video and audio from a digital source using OGG
Theora or some other video codec.  Another missing software is a Toast-like
GUI that uses the already existing dvd/cd burning tools.  And another
missing software would combine Skype-like tools with a tool for Virtual
Conventions/Meetings.  This will be very useful in the future.  This concept
will make Fedora unique and more useful than all of the other Linux Distros
available now.  The "fedoraLife" suite won't be included in the Core
installation, instead the suite or any of the components can be downloaded
off the internet via Anaconda installer.  Eventually, the "Everything" Spin
will include the entire suite.  Fedora has a bright future, don't squander
The Concept PDF is available for downloading on my linux blog...

Mark McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA
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