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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Duvelle Jones wrote:
Just that we would be up against Fedora's ever so changing perception
and at the moment, "usability and user-friendliness" seems somewhat off
that perception.

- How can you say Fedora's perception is 'ever so changing'? What is that statement based on?

- How do you see Fedora's perception? How is it not related to usability and user-friendliness?

That doesn't mean that we aren't, hell there is much in fedora that
would turn that perception on it's head. But as with Red Hat, our own
enemy would be ourselves and changing how people think when the Fedora

- How is Red Hat it's own enemy? What are you talking about?

I guess I am most concerned about:

- What Fedora actually *IS*
- How we market Fedora for people's perceptions of it to be more fully in-line with what is actually *IS* and what we are striving for it to become.

And I'm really interested in your ideas on the latter, especially.


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