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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Duvelle Jones wrote:
Ok, the first thing that I mention here is that fedora is a very
different kind of monster than that of Mac OS X/10.x. That said, the
fedora project doesn't need to completely go down the path that Apple
Inc. has. As you said that in the document, Ubuntu seems to content to
fill that hole. I think that it would be best left to them.

And you suggest we should stop trying?

Second, in an odd way of thinking.... This has already happened, sort
of. The Fedora Art Studio spin does use that is found within the
distribution to build something that you here have coined 'fedoraLife'.

The Art Studio spin is currently on hold. Help needed.

Now admiringly, the tools and applications found in Art Studio are not
all geared for ease-of-use like Ubuntu Studio or the iLife suite. I will

Since both Fedora and Ubuntu have access to the same upstream FOSS applications, there is no reason we can't produce something comparable.

Note: judging the screenshots, I find Ubuntu Studio looking horrendous and I hope we will not take the same path.

also admit that Art Studio was announced a while ago, but has yet to
produce a ISO. They need help, you might consider helping them since you
are on a similar frame of thought.

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