Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Thu Jun 12 05:50:33 UTC 2008

Duvelle Jones wrote:
> Ok, the first thing that I mention here is that fedora is a very
> different kind of monster than that of Mac OS X/10.x. That said, the
> fedora project doesn't need to completely go down the path that Apple
> Inc. has. As you said that in the document, Ubuntu seems to content to
> fill that hole. I think that it would be best left to them.

And you suggest we should stop trying?

> Second, in an odd way of thinking.... This has already happened, sort
> of. The Fedora Art Studio spin does use that is found within the
> distribution to build something that you here have coined 'fedoraLife'.

The Art Studio spin is currently on hold. Help needed.

> Now admiringly, the tools and applications found in Art Studio are not
> all geared for ease-of-use like Ubuntu Studio or the iLife suite. I will

Since both Fedora and Ubuntu have access to the same upstream FOSS 
applications, there is no reason we can't produce something comparable.

Note: judging the screenshots, I find Ubuntu Studio looking horrendous 
and I hope we will not take the same path.

> also admit that Art Studio was announced a while ago, but has yet to
> produce a ISO. They need help, you might consider helping them since you
> are on a similar frame of thought.

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