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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Hi, i think that the problem is not inside the product *(fedora) but inside some minds...there are some people inside the project fedora *(here in my country i can see it every day in some ambassadors and other members of the project), they just say : "Fedora is not for everyone cause we don't wanna be baby seeter of nuggets, or help then to play mp3 or install a proprietary driver etc". We need bring "Re-humanizer" the project if of course we want people that use ubuntu today.

Second, in an odd way of thinking.... This has already happened, sort
of. The Fedora Art Studio spin does use that is found within the
distribution to build something that you here have coined 'fedoraLife'.

The Art Studio spin is currently on hold. Help needed.

Well, i wanna help with it, i have a lot of experience with computer graphics made with free software , how i can help? is there a link to the sub project? can i bring more people to help?

Best regards.


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