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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

hi RazGriz,

RazGriz wrote:
Hi, i think that the problem is not inside the product *(fedora) but inside some minds...there are some people inside the project fedora *(here in my country i can see it every day in some ambassadors and other members of the project), they just say : "Fedora is not for everyone cause we don't wanna be baby seeter of nuggets, or help then to play mp3 or install a proprietary driver etc". We need bring "Re-humanizer" the project if of course we want people that use ubuntu today.

First of all, you told me that you think the problem is not in the product, but instead the problem is in people's minds. Then you talked about how Fedora does not have mp3 patents and proprietary drivers. The omissions of that software are very much fundamental to Fedora's purpose and philosophy, and they are very much a part of what Fedora *IS*. We won't be adding that software anytime soon.

I really would prefer us to *not* talk about changing what Fedora is here. I would rather we talk about how we can best market Fedora as it is.

Having a truly free operating system really is not mutually exclusive with having a usable operating system. There is nothing about being free and doing the right thing that means life must be hard. People perceive it as being such. How can we change people's perceptions of Fedora's freedom so that they are less afraid of it?

Again, let's not change Fedora, please!

    Second, in an odd way of thinking.... This has already happened, sort
    of. The Fedora Art Studio spin does use that is found within the
    distribution to build something that you here have coined 'fedoraLife'.

The Art Studio spin is currently on hold. Help needed.

Well, i wanna help with it, i have a lot of experience with computer graphics made with free software , how i can help? is there a link to the sub project? can i bring more people to help?

Duvelle provided a link earlier in the thread. I will re-post it:


I would love if you would be willing to help with this spin. I built a ks file for the spin a long time ago, it probably sucks and needs some modifications, but it is here:


You will also need to add the following packages to it:
    * gimp-lqr-plugin
    * gimp-resynthesizer
    * ufraw-gimp
    * nip2
    * GREYCstoration-gimp
    * mathmap

We could also use some help getting fonts packaged up for Fedora so they can be included in the Art Studio spin. There is a list of appropriately-licensed fonts only needing packagers here:


You can absolutely bring more people to help - we need all the help we can get!


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