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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Hi, i agree with you, i just said their words, we don't need add this things to the core, we need change the way that we use to deal with the common user =], they just don't know nothing about the real freedom of choice and most of then just don't wanna learn anything about it, but we still can take then showing our stuff whitout proprietary packages, cause the most important thing for this people is not software, but yes what it can do, if it can bring new and good computational experiences etc =] . I think that we already make it but only with the ambassadors, its time to the developers, artwork*(i am parte of this team inside my country) and marketing directly move their actions to this goal, fedora is not just a system of another free software to me, fedora is a way of life and i am very proud of it.

Fedora art-studio : I made an wall paper to start my engines, can i show it 4 you? If yes, where i can do this?

best regards


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