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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

RazGriz wrote:
Hi, i agree with you, i just said their words, we don't need add this things to the core, we need change the way that we use to deal with the common user =], they just don't know nothing about the real freedom of choice and most of then just don't wanna learn anything about it, but we still can take then showing our stuff whitout proprietary packages, cause the most important thing for this people is not software, but yes what it can do, if it can bring new and good computational experiences etc =] . I think that we already make it but only with the ambassadors, its time to the developers, artwork*(i am parte of this team inside my country) and marketing directly move their actions to this goal, fedora is not just a system of another free software to me, fedora is a way of life and i am very proud of it.

Sweet, we are on the same page then. Awesome :)

One way I think is a good way to help change these perceptions is to make really cool stuff with Fedora and free tools, and then show it off. For example, I end up showing a lot of the graphics I've worked on to a lot of people, so I always make a point to let them know the graphics were made with Inkscape, Gimp, and/or Scribus. If we can make high-quality things using Fedora then people will see what Fedora can really do. And they will have solid proof, not just a perception or an idea based on what someone else told them.

Fedora art-studio : I made an wall paper to start my engines, can i show it 4 you? If yes, where i can do this?

Sure, fedora-art-list redhat com is a good place. I don't know if we are going to be theming the art studio any differently than main Fedora at this point though. The biggest concern right now is to get an ISO built.

If you are not so interested in building, you could help us pick out software to include in the Art Studio:


Or you could help us find free fonts to include. The open font library is a good place to look. There's other places too like smashingmagazine.com usually has articles about new free fonts. Do note that to be included in Fedora the fonts must be free, so the fonts you propose to include must be under a license that is acceptable for inclusion in Fedora:

Sometimes, though, if you can get in touch with the font creator, they may be willing to relicense the font for us. The best license I think to ask them to license the font under is under the Open Font License.

Add any acceptable fonts you find to: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Font_wishlist

You could also pick out open clip art we could include in the Spin:

Or templates, plugins, brushes, textures, palettes (colorlovers.com is a good site to go to find cool color palettes. You could easily build a set of gimp palette files from there)


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