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Re: Announcing the "fedoraLife" Concept!

Hi Máirín Duffy

"I always make point you let them know the graphics were made with
Inkscape, Gimp, and/or Scribus. "


To say a little on that free tools had been used to develop a
promocional work, or same of spreading of Fedora Linux is really
important. Recently the Project Fedora Brazil launch the second
edition of the Magazine Fedora Brazil
(http://www.projetofedora.org/Revista), in which we use softwares
Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus and OpenOffice. In some workshops that we are
carrying through in the Brazil, we are presenting the magazine and,
beyond saying which softwares exempts had been used in its confection,
also we teach to install, and to use these softwares in Fedora 8 and 9
(Sulphur). In third edition of the magazine, we go to start presenting
the first used tool in the production of the magazine, the Inkscape.
In the next, will be presented the other graphical tools.

We understand that it is not only enough to create a site, one wiki,
one spin, or exactly to only deliver in the hand of the user a copy of
Fedora Linux and to say, good luck!

It is important that any created thing to divulge Fedora mainly and
what is possible to produce with it, comes with an attached important
differential: education and learning. Voice and Practical.

In this way, the final users, lose the fear to try Fedora Linux, and
develop a curiosity for Fedora, uncontrollable. Becoming true hungry
for Fedora.

"If we can make high-quality things using Fedora then people will see
what Fedora can really of."


If the FedoraArtStudio spin will be reanimated , we can promote it,
still this year through some simultaneous events in the world. I and
Razgriz am organizing scene that could well be used for this
objective, that is the "FedoArt" event, here in the Brazil. If
somebody to want more information can enter in contact with me.

"And they will have solid proof, not just perception or an idea based
on what someone else told them."

The people need to see to believe. To speak or only to hear is not
enough. Is necessary to unite practical and voice and. ; -)


Erick Goes
ArtTeam -  Magazine Fedora Brazil
Project Fedora Brazil


<<Imagining, drawing and livening up>>

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