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Re: fedoraLife Concept (condensed version) online now

Lucas Saboya wrote:
ok, people I got the idea that markus is trying to explain here, fedora as a Linux distro, you can install almost anything you want, BUT its not native from it,

Actually, the Fedora Unity project releases a DVD and CD set of EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE in Fedora in one set of install media. They call it the "Everything Spin." The problem with this is... it is 4 DVDs or 23 CDs.

the big thing about MAC stuff is that all aplications come with the OS, ALL of it, and it is still a nice OS, becose its well done, the idea that markus is presenting to us, is to compete with the proprietary software for equal to equal, have the same thing they have, just better and free..

I really doubt OS X has applications that do all of the things a 4 DVD / 23 CD set of media for Fedora would have.

I, personally just LOVED the idea of FedoraLife, although I'd like to discuss the name, but the project itself is a VERY GOOD idea, and if we can do this, and keep a clean, fast and powerfull compilation, fedora can really beat a LOT of other linux distros and maybe compete with MAC OS X, lets not forget that almost every MAC OS X user, uses it, becose they want something simple that can solve their problems, and these are the numbers missing on our user count :)

So is the point to make a more usable version of Fedora? Or is the point to ship everything in the initial install?

What is the goal you are looking to achieve? It seems really unclear to me.

c'mon people let's not be stuburn and make this thing go rigth up!

Ready to roll up your sleeves?


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