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Re: fedoraLife Concept (condensed version) online now

Actually, the Fedora Unity project releases a DVD and CD set of EVERY SINGLE PACKAGE in Fedora in one set of install media. They call it the "Everything Spin." The problem with this is... it is 4 DVDs or 23 CDs.
Ok, but dont you thing that 4 DVDs ou 23 CDs its a little HUGE amount of data, that sometimes wont be NEVER used by a normal user, that only wants to edit his/her videos or engage into a meeting ?

I really doubt OS X has applications that do all of the things a 4 DVD / 23 CD set of media for Fedora would have.
No, it really doesn't and this is what kepp MAC OS X so clean, and functional

So is the point to make a more usable version of Fedora? Or is the point to ship everything in the initial install?
What is the goal you are looking to achieve? It seems really unclear to me.
The point is tho make a usable version of fedora, shipping not everything but just the things we KNOW that will help the common users that uses a PC just to do a PART of their work not US who can easily compile our own version of fedora and put everything we want on it. is that so hard to do, thing like common users ?:)

Ready to roll up your sleeves?
 Thats what I'm doing right now :)

So when are you going to show us some code?
let's go codding, so ! But remember that this is not the fedora developer list, its the MARKETING one :)
this means, the codding doesn't happen here, the idea of the email is to compile a concept of the programas we can put with fedora to make a clean and functional instalation.

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