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Re: Fedora sign

Paul Stauffer wrote:
On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 02:54:34PM -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:
Give me dimensions and I'll reformat the letter size sign I did to fit
that with room for a map.

We might be talking about two different things here... The poster I was
originally talking about was a welcome poster to be put up at the pub.  So a
map would be rather pointless on that one. :)

Ahhh okay, sorry I was thinking of a poster at FUDcon itself. Okay. I have to leave the office right now to pick up the FUDcon tshirts but when I get back to a computer (probably around 5-6) I'll get you some artwork for that poster, okay? (Hope thats not too late)

Regarding dimensions, it's a roll, so it can be 42xN or Nx42, whatever works.

Can you get one to me by cob today? I can get it added to the poster
design tonight and have it back to you around 10-11ish tonight

Maybe.  I can try, but can't promise.  This is for a letter-sized handout,
right?  Any preferred dimensions for the map?

Whatever is easiest for you and I can design around it. I'm thinking, 4x5 might work well...


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