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Re: Screencast Ideas wiki

2008/6/17 Lucas Saboya <lucas cefetce br>:
> Ok, but that is the point since the beginning of the project, I think.. :D

I don't anyone is arguing over the point.  What I trying to suggest is
that being explicit concerning the licensing in the web submission
form matters. It should not be implied in the submission form. People
submitting videos should actively affirm the licensing so that we have
a record that we were told what the copyright license on the material

We cannot have this project taking in video into a project branded
miror channel assuming the licensing is okay. The submitter must tell
us explicitly what the licensing is... just like we expect people
contributing code into our repository must do as part of the package
submission review.

John did not include a field for licensing in the list of things the
webform needs.  I am suggesting that the lack of a licensing field in
the webform is an oversight that needs to be corrected.


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