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Re: Fedora TV Submission Form - PHP

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 5:58 AM, Jonathan Roberts
<jonrob fedoraproject org> wrote:
> So I've got a couple of questions.... First of which being why can't
> people just email this stuff?

They can.

How did people add feeds to the planet before it was recently
automated? Didn't we essentially email someone and ask them to add our

> Second being, and this is probably a question for legal, in order to
> submit that stuff to us via a web form, wouldn't we need to require cla
> done?

Did people need to have a cla done before adding their feeds to the
planet before we automated it?

> Third being, how large of files are we talking about emailing around (be
> very specific)? Email and video often seem ill suited to eachother.

Until we have internal hosting set aside for content like this... then
there is no real space burden.

Basically all 'we' are doing right now is compiling a specially
formatted RSS feed by hand.
At the moment,  it really comes down to John acting as an editor for
an RSS feed he is accountable for.  Adding items to the feed based on
his best judgment. By branding it as Fedora channel, we are trusting
John's judgment.  All I ask is that John make a best effort to assure
that the videos he adds are appropriately licensed in a way that is
compatible with the project, CC-BY-SA.

Of course if this is a useful and popular way to contribute, John will
no longer scale as the number of submissions goes up. At that point
we'll have to build a structure to support submission in a more
organized way.  I'm pretty sure submission into the RSS feed would
never require a CLA. If videos are hosted externally, we are
essentially just linking to them not distributing them. We'd need to
make sure we have permission to link and make sure the videos are
licensed in a way we are okay with..but that can be handled via RSS
submission requests on a per video basis.  And similarly, John would
have to handle removal requests on a video by video basis if any came

We may need a group of editors to handle the submission que if this
becomes wildly popular and we expand the scope of the types of content
we want to broadcast on our branded channel(s).  Any project hosting
and distribution of the videos will most certainly require a CLA of
some sort. We'd most likely would give an editorial board control over
how to control the contents of that hosting space.  So as long as the
editor board had CLA's and all the videos were licensed CC-BY-SA,
we've pretty much covered are bases for hosting and distribution. We
hold the editorial board accountable as co-maintainers of that hosted


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