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Re: Now, that I got people talking...

Ricardo Garcia wrote:

Hello. I'm Rick Garcia, from the Saya video editor. I have designed
Saya so it can use *ANY* decoding library. It's not hardwired to
FFMPEG and not even OpenVIP. Since OpenVIP was made GPLv3 just a few
days ago, I can do whatever I want with it, like stripping FFMPEG
support. The OpenVIP library is going to be embedded - not just linked
- in the project. Actually, I'm going to separate OpenVIP from the
codec processing so I can implement file decoding via plugins.

But my dream codec library would be one with a pluggable architecture,
so people could add their popular patent-encumbered codecs  to it. But
it needs to be cross-platform (i.e. Windows / Linux). If you know one,
please don't hesitate in telling me.

That sounds an awfully lot like GStreamer. And I believe GStreamer dews
work on Windows and Mac (or is being actively ported to).

Rick Garcia
Saya-VE Project Leader

P.S. Now, where do I subscribe to this list?

Here: https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-marketing-list

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