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Re: Now, that I got people talking...

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 6:03 AM, Ricardo Garcia <rick g777 gmail com> wrote:
> Hello. I'm Rick Garcia, from the Saya video editor. I have designed
> Saya so it can use *ANY* decoding library. It's not hardwired to
> FFMPEG and not even OpenVIP. Since OpenVIP was made GPLv3 just a few
> days ago, I can do whatever I want with it, like stripping FFMPEG
> support. The OpenVIP library is going to be embedded - not just linked
> - in the project. Actually, I'm going to separate OpenVIP from the
> codec processing so I can implement file decoding via plugins.

Both gstreamer and xine-libs are currently constructed in a way to
allow for pluggable codec support.  Any application which makes use of
gstreamer or xine, we can ship as part of Fedora with open codec
support working out of the box, and then users can install addon
software for additional plugin support of additional codecs.

If you plan to have OpenVIP to make use of plugins you make want to
look at how both of these existing projects accomplish it.


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