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Re: Red Hat Prosumer Linux Proposal Announcement

On Tue, 2008-06-24 at 13:36 -0400, Markus McLaughlin wrote:
> I'm sorry I couldn't be at FUDcon this year, I wish there was a
> virtual extension of it, however.  I look forward to all the news from
> it so I can put something on my blog.  I want to know the latest on
> Fedora 10!  In the meantime, I am getting ready to compose a second
> proposal, and I want to send it to Red Hat, can someone give me an
> address I can send it to?  The idea is a "step up" from Fedora but a
> "lite" version of RHEL for Small Businesses or Homes with advanced
> needs.  I call this OS : "Red Hat Prosumer Linux," perhaps this would
> be the consumer linux everyone would love to have.  The best of both
> worlds, the multimedia, fun, and community of Fedora with some of the
> advanced features that RHEL offers with limited tech support for a
> year.  Unlike Red Hat Linux which was sold on store shelves, this OS
> would only be available at online Linux vendor sites as well as
> redhat.com.  The software would be sold from $30 to $50.  It would
> also be offered as a 30 day trialware, if anyone wants to keep it,
> they purchase the registration code for $50.    Anyway, I think it's a
> great idea and something advanced Home Users are craving.  If anyone
> like to help me with this proposal, my e-mail is
> hudsonman35 gmail com   Onward and forward!

Red Hat used to offer this; you might remember it as "Red Hat Linux."
The reasons for discontinuing it were numerous and are all still

Paul W. Frields
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