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Re: Fedora Contributor Stories

I personally don't find the Fedora wiki well structured enough for a "outsider" to nagivate smoothly. Before collecting any story we should think about how/where to publish them. Again, I think a Red Hat Magazine approach would be much more effective.

2008/6/25 Clint Savage <herlo1 gmail com>:
2008/6/25 rafael liu <rafaelliu gmail com>:

I think it's a great idea. Nothing like hearing from passionate guys to raise passion on others. Making videos would definitely be a way to go.

One thing I think is missing is a way, a channel, to reach common people, simple users, not just people working with Fedora Project. I find Read Hat Magazine a great idea, and such a light approach to market and be in touch with simple end users. Posting such videos there from time to time would certainly make lists like this bigger =)

2008/6/25 Ricky Zhou <ricky fedoraproject org>:
At FUDCon, one of the things that I loved was hearing peoples' stories
of how they got involved with Fedora.  Could it be a good marketing
campaign (aiming to attract new contributors) to collect and publish
these somewhere?  Maybe this could somehow be related to Mairin's "I am
Fedora" videos as well.

By the way, does the marketing team usually work on specific campaigns
(with specific goals and targets)?  Would this be a good way to organize
marketing work better?

What do you think?

Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I recall seeing a discussion of 'User Stories' back a few months.  There seemed to be very little response, but hey, its worth trying again I suppose.

Here's the thread I found on the mailing list:


And I did a quick search on the wiki and found this:


Hope these things help.



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