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Re: Fedora Contributor Stories

 No doubt RedHat is Sporting Fedora in a way, But I believe Fedora should be Fedora itself and go for Fedora Magazine etc ..... Market the "FEDORA" brand itself directly is a better choice to set it intothe mind of the Audience.

Just my 2cts worth.
Thanks you & Have a Nice Day

Best Regards,
Jason Benedict Low

------ When i work nobody care. When i rest everybody stare. ------

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
2008/6/26 Pawel Sadowski <mcgiwer fedoraproject org>:
Yeah, maybe we could publish it @ www.redhatmagazine.com, but we have to
talk with guys like Paul W. Frields I think and ask if something like
that would be possible.

The people at RHM are very nice and I'm sure would be more than
willing to help us out. I've written a few things that they've posted
for me, and I'm sure they'll do the same in the future too :)

Hopefully though, in the not too distant future we'll have our own
Fedora solution, there's just a few loose ends to iron out and a work
flow to be figured out so that we can pull some of the marketing stuff
together (contributor stories, interviews etc) with FWN - at least
this is what I'm hoping to achieve!




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