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Recruiting Students (Campus Ambassadors)

Hey All,

I'm sorry I missed the marketing meeting earlier today, but I was told
that there was discussion of recruiting students to help out with Fedora
and Fedora marketing efforts.  I have been working for the past couple
of weeks to put together something modeled after the ambassadors which I
tentatively call "Campus Ambassadors".  The mission of the campus
ambassadors is something similar to what Mozilla does with the Firefox
Campus Rep program--to have someone who can speak to the student body
about Fedora and represent Fedora at relevant campus events.

Also, I am looking to require campus ambassadors to hold one info
session or tech talk type thing per semester to make sure that there is
constant action and interest in Fedora.

There will be a community architecture team meeting in Raleigh next week
at which I would like to present the final plan for this and officially
launch.  I have already been in contact with a number of students from
various universities (Berkeley, Oswego, CMU, Auburn, Texas A&M) and so
far there is interest.

Just thought I would kick the idea out to the list and see what people
had to say.  My plan is to put up a wiki page for this tomorrow or over
the weekend, so that it can be presented next week.


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