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Re: Recruiting Students (Campus Ambassadors)

Add me, Jack: I'm a student at Cabrillo College in Aptos (Santa Cruz
County), California. I'm an ambassador and I'm also the president
(albeit outgoing president in the Fall) of the Cabrillo College
GNU/Linux Users Group.

Let me know what I can do to help.

Larry Cafiero

On 6/26/08, Jack Aboutboul <jaa redhat com> wrote:
> Hey All,
>  I'm sorry I missed the marketing meeting earlier today, but I was told
>  that there was discussion of recruiting students to help out with Fedora
>  and Fedora marketing efforts.  I have been working for the past couple
>  of weeks to put together something modeled after the ambassadors which I
>  tentatively call "Campus Ambassadors".  The mission of the campus
>  ambassadors is something similar to what Mozilla does with the Firefox
>  Campus Rep program--to have someone who can speak to the student body
>  about Fedora and represent Fedora at relevant campus events.
>  Also, I am looking to require campus ambassadors to hold one info
>  session or tech talk type thing per semester to make sure that there is
>  constant action and interest in Fedora.
>  There will be a community architecture team meeting in Raleigh next week
>  at which I would like to present the final plan for this and officially
>  launch.  I have already been in contact with a number of students from
>  various universities (Berkeley, Oswego, CMU, Auburn, Texas A&M) and so
>  far there is interest.
>  Just thought I would kick the idea out to the list and see what people
>  had to say.  My plan is to put up a wiki page for this tomorrow or over
>  the weekend, so that it can be presented next week.
>  Thanks,
>  Jack
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