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Re: Can't get off email distribution

Casey Jones wrote:

I apologize right off the bat if this is not the appropriate way to communicate this request or the right address to send this to.
But, I have been trying to drop out of the email distribution list for the Fedora Ambassadors and any other email distributions I was signed up for.  I'd like to continue, but I am just too flooded with emails that are work related or otherwise, and I need to recuse myself from these distribution lists.

However, I have a problem. I logged into the admin area and couldn't see anywhere to unsubscribe myself. I did find a link to make myself "Inactive." As soon as I did this and saved changes, it forced me to log out and I couldn't log back in.
But, the problem is that I'm still receiving the emails.  Can someone please help???

At the bottom of every post on the mailing list(s) you're on, should be a link to the list interface. Click it, and it will let you unsubscribe from there.

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