Store SIG Update - 2008-03-19

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at
Thu Mar 20 02:37:51 UTC 2008

The Fedora Store SIG [1] meeting was canceled today due to lack of
attendance.  As I mentioned on IRC though for anyone that came by
later, I was going to post a brief summary of where we are at now.

I ordered a sample shirt from earlier this week.  I
ordered it in similar style to the one I ordered from a
few weeks ago and can compare it to some Fedora shirts I have that
were made by a genuine screen printer.  I am hoping it arrives by the
end of this week, early next week.

If the quality of that shirt is good I am inclined to recommend that
we go with for the 3rd party vendor that we use for
the user store front.  Our fellow Ambassadors in France use them for
their store and have been satisfied with the results.  Once the vendor
decision has been made I anticipate the Store moving forward at a more
rapid place as nearly all of the pieces will have fallen into place.

We do have one other major open action item open at this point and
that is a mockup of what might look like.  We
still need someone to help us out with a mockup of this page.  We have
listed some general requirements [2] of the page in the wiki and I am
happy to answer any questions regarding that page.  I see we have a
few art team members on the participants list for the Store SIG - any

I updated the meeting page [3] for next week. Some people have
mentioned that the time is not good for them.  I am open to moving the
time of the meeting if a few people want to throw out a few alternate
times.  Otherwise, we will meet again next week in the #fedora-mktg
channel on Wednesday at 18:00 UTC.



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