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Evening all,

We've been talking for a while about setting up a news.fedoraproject.org
site, for a number of different uses. Thanks to the hard work of Frank
Chiulli we now have a test install of Lyceum on publictest 1 for our use :)
Before moving forward with this, we need to deal with a number of issues:

1) What do we actually want to use the site for?

My thoughts are that we use it for Fedora Weekly News, along with other
marketing stuff such as interviews and announcements - similar to what
press.redhat.com is.

2) Depending on the above, do we want to use Lyceum or Wordpress? Infra
would like us to have whatever solution we use packaged and yumable on
Fedora; Wordpress is already in while Lyceum needs packaging. As I
understand it Lyceum allows us to have multiple blogs and is what's used by
Red Hat Magazine. Wordpress only allows for the one blog, but would also
allow multiple authors/editors on a single blog (I think). 

3) Experiment and play - find a work flow that's right for us! We may need
some test material for this, such as an example FWN release or a mock

4) We need a theme. I've started on one, and whatever we create for
Wordpress should also work on Lyceum, though we've had some problems with
this! If you're interested to see what I've got so far,
test.questionsplease.org will let you :) I can make this available for
people to use as a base. All I've done is create a simple Wordpress
template that uses the ids and classes from fedora.css, and point at that
for the style sheet. I'll upload this to my fedorapeople space soon...

Anyone is welcome to sign up and we can start adding people in different
roles to the Fedora News blog I created in Lyceum, but the URL for the
install is on another box...Rahul, Frank, can you help me out here?

I think that's all for now. Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas about
this? Ah, and finally, could we keep all replies to the marketing list, if
people think that's appropriate? Better to do everything once than 5 times!

Best wishes, and sorry for all the stuff I've probably forgotten!


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