Fedora Marketing Meeting 2008-03-27 IRC log

Jeffrey Tadlock linux at elfshadow.net
Fri Mar 28 01:08:54 UTC 2008

15:01 < gregdek> OK, it's 1900 GMT / 3PM EDT by my watch, so let's get started.
15:01 < gregdek> I see we have our two Redhatters aboard... welcome.  :)
15:01 < gregdek> Can we get a quick roll call?
15:01 < kushal> KushalDas
15:01  * gregdek is here
15:01 < spevack> Max
15:01 < stickster> Paul
15:01 < joadams> john
15:01 < tw2113> Michael Beckwith
15:01 < kcatallo> Hi, this is Kerri from the RH pr team
15:01 < gregdek> Hi Kerri.  :)
15:01 < kschiltz> Kara - from the RH pr team
15:01  * stickster waves too
15:01 < Sparks> EricChristensen
15:01 < gregdek> Ki Kara.  :)
15:01 < yates> Aaron Yates
15:02 < tw2113> :O girls
15:02 < gregdek> Easy there, killer.
15:02 < stickster> tw2113: That would be part of the "common courtesy" thing.
15:02 < tw2113> :P
15:02 < gregdek> All right -- this looks like quorum to me.
15:02 < tw2113> sorry
15:03 < stickster> ;-)
15:03 < gregdek> So lemme direct everyone's attention to our Task List / Agenda:
15:03 < gregdek> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Tasks
15:03 < gregdek> I've taken the liberty of rearranging it a bit and
giving priorities to tasks.
15:04 -!- JonRob [n=jon at 88-109-145-13.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has
joined #fedora-mktg
15:04 < gregdek> So we've got a handful of Priority 1 tasks on deck,
so I'd like to handle those.
15:04 < gregdek> JonRob!
15:04 < JonRob> hey, sorry once again for being late! i'm so dopey these days :S
15:04 < gregdek> Dude, three minutes is forgivable.  ;)
15:04 < gregdek> And once again, your timing is perfect.
15:04 < JonRob> heh
15:04 < gregdek> So.
15:04 < rharrison> heck at my company 3 min would be early
15:04 < gregdek> * Key Marketing Messages.
15:05 < gregdek> This is Max's baby, and he sent an email to the list
just now...
15:05 < gregdek> spevack: Care to elaborate?
15:05 < spevack> sure
15:05 < spevack> well, i started with what we decided in the Marketing
Meeting at FUDCon
15:05 < spevack> which was that from a media/storytelling perspective
15:05 < spevack> we wanted to focus activities that happen in Fedora
in one or more of 4 buckets
15:05 < spevack> Freedom
15:05 < spevack> Features
15:05 < spevack> First
15:05 < spevack> Folks
15:06 < spevack> The idea would be that we can "tag" any activity or
project or achievement with one of more of these
15:06 < spevack> and then depending on who we are talking to, it is
easy to cite examples from Fedora's history
15:06 < spevack> If we talk to a press person who is very technical,
we think about Features and First.
15:06 < JonRob> that sounds a cool approach actually, especially
thinking about news.fp.o :)
15:06 < spevack> if it's someone who wants personal community stories,
then we go with Folks.
15:06 < spevack> comments?
15:06 < spevack> etc.
15:07 < rharrison> Oh, good point those could be the categories for each post.
15:07 < joadams> we'd probably want some boilerplate language or
wording to frame the story around the F's, just for consistency ... I
would think
15:07  * gregdek will take the action item to get these points into
the master Marketing Plan document itself.
15:08 < JonRob> yep...i think it sounds good, although maybe we need
to spend some time thinking about the categories?
15:08 < gregdek> Which is where that "consistent language" could live.
15:08 < JonRob> not necessarily now, but at some point
15:08 < stickster> Beyond that, the SingleSourceSummary content could
be dragged into a couple different container pages, one organized by
audience (users, developers, admins...), another by
15:08 < gregdek> +1 for At Some Point.
15:08 < gregdek> stickster: Doesn't it then become a MultipleSourceSummary?
15:08 < spevack> JonRob: those 4 were the "F words" that we came up
with in a 30 min meeting at FUDCon with about 10 people.  It's just a
thought experiment, and definitely open for tweaking.
15:08 < stickster> gregdek: No, single source and then aggregated on
the wiki in different places
15:08 < spevack> but I do like the "F words"
15:08 < gregdek> Hee hee!  F words.
15:09 < gregdek> But yeah, I think that right now...
15:09 < stickster> In Fedora, F words are good.
15:09 < spevack> as long as we don't end up with a category called "Fail"
15:09 < gregdek> ...we're definitely in "get a good first cut of
everything" and then "use that first cut to define action p
lan for F9" and then "reevaluate everything after F9 and see how it went".
15:09 < yates> +1
15:09 < JonRob> spevack: sure no problem, and +1 on the no "fail"!
15:10 < gregdek> OK, so we like Max's stuff "well enough" to go with
it for now?  No major objections at this point?
15:10 < kushal> yes
15:10 < yates> yep
15:11 < tw2113> well enough for me
15:11 -!- herlo [n=clints at 166-70-63-209.ip.xmission.com] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:11 < stickster> +1
15:11 < JonRob> +1
15:11 < gregdek> Okey doke.
15:11 < gregdek> Moving on:
15:12 < gregdek> * Strategies and Tactics.
15:12 < gregdek> So.  To be clear:
15:12 < rharrison> btw, gregdek your SingleSourceSummary link is gbroken
15:12 < gregdek> rharrison: Oh... crap.
15:12 < gregdek> Can someone go twiddle that?
15:12 < gregdek> I've given up the edit lock...
15:12 < stickster> Fixed
15:12 < gregdek> Danke.
15:12 < gregdek> Anyway.  Strategies and Tactics.
15:12 < kushal> everyone speaks german
15:12 < gregdek> The goal here is to (a) make sure we've got lots of
good stuff captured in the Plan...
15:13 < gregdek> ...and (b) we've got action items for executing on
all those good ideas.
15:13 < gregdek> So for the first little while, I'd like to review
what we've got in Strategies and Tactics on the plan document.  Fair?
15:13 < JonRob> go for it :)
15:14 -!- kital [n=Joerg_Si at fedora/kital] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:14 < gregdek> To remind everyone:
15:15 < stickster> yup
15:15 < gregdek> I'm currently looking at the "Promotion" section --
seems like a good place to generate some action items.  :)
15:15 < gregdek> We already got Ambassadors broken out, and Francesco
owns that, so we'll check in on him later.
15:16 < gregdek> Fedora Weekly News...
15:16 < gregdek> ...seems like we've already got that well covered for
a long time now.
15:16 < joadams> promotion is where i really saw the pr team being
able to add some real value
15:16 < gregdek> Then let's go there.
15:16 < joadams> specifically on tactics
15:17 < gregdek> We've got:
15:17 < joadams> i had forwarded kara and kerri the link to the plan
15:17 < gregdek> * Publications;
15:17 < joadams> hoping it would generate some thought starters
15:17 < gregdek> Well... seems like "Publications" might be the best
place to spend some thought energy.
15:17 < gregdek> Actually...
15:17 < gregdek> ...maybe we should just ask.  :)
15:18 < kcatallo> Just to clarify on roles so everyone is on the same
page, I generally handling the writing (press releases, blogs) and
Kara will handle outreach to pitch the Fedora stories
15:18 < gregdek> kschiltz, kcatallo: What should we be thinking about
in terms of getting as much pub as possible?
15:19 < joadams> maybe some best practices with proven hit rates for rh
15:19 < joadams> ?
15:19 < kcatallo> In terms of press releases and blogs, what is
catchiest for the press is usually including some kind of impress #s
(if available, of course!), a way to separate Fedora from others --
what it does better than everyone else, and putting real ppl behind it
15:20 < gregdek> That would likely be number of active contributors.
15:20  * quaid drops in
15:20 < rharrison> yeah, numbers like that would be really interesting
15:20 < gregdek> Max tells me we've got almost 2000 people who have
signed the CLA at this point.
15:20 < gregdek> Now, I don't know how we could use those numbers as a
15:20 < kcatallo> for an example, for F8, the headline of the press
release was, "Community Welcomes Fedora 8 With Strong Download
15:21 < gregdek> spevack: Do we have good numbers for F9 Beta yet?
15:21 < spevack> mmcgrath posted something yesterday
15:21 < stickster> gregdek: McGrath has hit numbers gathering
15:21 < rharrison> We don't have to use them as a comparison gregdek,
people just seem to be fascinated by them in general
15:21  * gregdek waits for linky.  :)
15:21 < spevack> http://mmcgrath.fedorapeople.org/
15:21 < stickster> gregdek: Torrent numbers at
15:22 < spevack> I haven't really parsed this stuff yet.
15:22 < gregdek> Hundreds of downloads of F9 Beta via torrent!  Meh.
15:22 < spevack> http://fedoraproject.org/maps/mirrorlist/rawhide.all.png
15:23 < spevack> that map has 12,000 entries
15:23 < spevack> in a 1 week window
15:23 < gregdek> That's pretty cool.
15:23 < gregdek> What does that 12k represent?
15:23 < gregdek> People who have used yum on rawhide?
15:23 < kcatallo> another way to approach using impressive numbers is
to show growth...you can always use % growth rather than the raw
15:23 < spevack> i think that's unique hits to the rawhide repo
looking for updates in the last week.
15:24 < gregdek> I would love to use contributor growth here... but I
don't know if we've timesliced it properly.
15:24 < gregdek> Is there any way we can get FAS data broken down by
date of signing CLA?
15:24 < spevack> you're going to want to ask toshio all of these
questions.  Let me try to drag him in here.
15:25  * gregdek waits for toshio to show up.
15:25 < gregdek> With peaches.
15:25  * spevack pinged him in fedora-devel and asked him to join
15:25  * jds2001 comes in late and sits in the back
15:25 -!- abadger1999 [n=abadger1 at] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:25 < spevack> hey toshio -- we're talking about how we can further
parse the CLA data in the FAS.  We can see how many total accounts
there are that have signed.  Can we time-slice that at all?
15:25 < quaid> *bamf*
15:26 < rharrison> Do we have the log data back far enough to show
that map lighting up just after the beta announcement?
15:26 < spevack> for instance, if we wanted to see how many people
reached cla_done during the F9 release cycle?
15:26 < abadger1999> That should be doable.
15:27 < quaid> all the way back to the beginning?
15:27 < rharrison> I think that would grab some peoples imagination.
15:27 < gregdek> Please... please...
15:27 < gregdek> PLEASE get that data.  :)
15:27 < abadger1999> If it's all correct back to the beginning.
15:27  * gregdek notes there are other metrics like "mailing list
activity" that he is working on...
15:27 < abadger1999> We do have the fields in the db all the way back.
15:27 < spevack> how lucky!
15:28 < gregdek> Or maybe just good planning.  :)
15:28 < gregdek> OK, so I smell an action item.
15:28 < abadger1999> Would you want raw data? (date approved in cla_done)
15:28 < gregdek> * Gathering metrics for marketing purposes.
15:28 < gregdek> And I'm assigning that to... Max Spevack!  :)
15:29 < spevack> gregdek: I accept your commission, and am happy to
work with toshio a bit.  I've been unofficially gathering a variety of
stuff, and i'm happy to formalize it
15:29 < JonRob> ah, max you're a lucky fellow!
15:29 < spevack> i annoy toshio with random requests like this all the time ;)
15:29 < gregdek> spevack: See, I could *sense* that.
15:29 < gregdek> All right.
15:29 < kcatallo> Max, definitely send those #s our way once you have
them and we can find some good ways to publicize
15:30 < gregdek> There will be a brief pause as I update the task
list.  Talk amongst yourselves.
15:30 < spevack> gregdek lies... he's just sitting here next to me and
can hear everything i say and then pretend he read my mind
15:30 < spevack> kcatallo: of course
15:30  * spevack scurries off to a 3:30 phone call
15:30 < JonRob> is it worth-while us contacting various press people
and letting them know where they can find out information about the
fedoraproject, and introducing ourselves as possible contacts?
15:30 < rharrison> spevack, if you need help generating maps etc. I'd
be willing to lend a hand.  If for no other reason than to learn how
its done. ;-)
15:31 < JonRob> nb: by "us" i don't necessarily mean all of us here as
a big hoard!
15:31 < stickster> rharrison: You can probably get some of that info
from spoleeba, who's worked on the stuff already available
15:31 < stickster> If you want to get a leg up for whatever reason :-)
15:31 < gregdek> OK, done with that.  (And props to the folks who have
sped the wiki up, heh.)
15:31 < rharrison> well to generate maps all the way back to the
beginning does sound like there would be some work involved
15:32 < rharrison> figured I'd help out with my learning...
15:32 < gregdek> So.  Max is Numbers King.
15:32 < gregdek> kcatallo: What other sorts of stuff should we be looking to do?
15:32 -!- simosx [n=simosx at unaffiliated/simosx] has quit [Read error:
110 (Connection timed out)]
15:33 < kcatallo> I think it's important that we find some good themes
(the "F" words, perhaps) to keep up with
15:33 < kcatallo> When you keep news under some kind of umbrella
theme, it helps bring everything together
15:33 < gregdek> So can we assume that those "F" words are the key themes?
15:33 -!- fbijlsma [n=fbijlsma at] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:34 < joadams> [apologies ... have to jump off to catch a flight]
15:34 < quaid> +1 to those F words
15:34 -!- joadams [n=joadams at nat/redhat/x-a6ce016096f7fc03] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:34 < gregdek> joadams has a plane to catch.  :)
15:34 -!- TitaX [n=titax at fedora/TitaX] has joined #fedora-mktg
15:34 < TitaX> lut
15:34 < kcatallo> So, using those themes, we should come up what types
of things we want to emphasize under each theme
15:35 < gregdek> Are we looking for one or two key stories to tell?
15:35 -!- sereinity [n=sereinit at mon69-3-82-235-39-70.fbx.proxad.net]
has joined #fedora-mktg
15:35 < gregdek> Reminding folks what they are: Freedom Features First Folks.
15:35 -!- fugolini
[n=francesc at host86-200-dynamic.7-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has
joined #fedora-mktg
15:35 < kcatallo> Yes, one or two key stories that weave in those Fs
would be ideal
15:36 < fugolini> hi, sorry but i just arrived a t home
15:36 < gregdek> stickster: I know you and Max have been talking about
some of this, right?
15:36 < gregdek> Hi fugolini.  Sorry I moved the meeting on you.  :)
15:36 < stickster> gregdek: Might be helpful to define "stories"
generically for people here not familiar with press routines
15:36 < jds2001> i think we have a great story to tell about features
this release.
15:36 < mizmo> i love the themes
15:36 < stickster> Like, not always anecdotal
15:36 < mizmo> the four fs
15:36 < gregdek> stickster: Maybe you can help.  :)
15:36 < rharrison> So can we start with Firsts for F9 and maybe see if
we could get some Folks ideas on the people that work
ed on those firsts?
15:36 < jds2001> which ties into freedeom and folks of course
15:37 < rharrison> or features really
15:37 < stickster> Max and I were just talking about key Features
earlier this week
15:38 < stickster> On the enterprise side, for example, you've got FreeIPA
15:38 < stickster> On the distinctly user side, you've got Live USB
improvements w/persistence
15:38 < rharrison> And FreeIPA is one that needs some serious
explaining, people don't seem to be getting it.
15:39 < kcatallo> I think we need to make a clear distinction on the
two different kinds of 'firsts' we can have with the features
15:39 < rharrison> whoa, persistence, really?
15:39 < rharrison> I missed that.
15:39 < kcatallo> one is that this is the first time anyone in the
community has done it
15:39  * quaid straps on his parachute
15:39 < kcatallo> and the other is this is the first time Fedora has done it
15:39 < gregdek> Does that mean quaid is bailing?
15:39 < quaid> I'm about to bail to go pick up a load of girls with
bikes and scooters
15:40 < quaid> gregdek: yeh, sorry, awkward time;
15:40 < quaid> can I do anything with my continued presence?
15:40 < yates> are we marketing Fedora to expand the user base or the community?
15:40 < gregdek> quaid: Go get your brood.  :)
15:40 < rharrison> kcatallo, those are important distinctions
15:40 < quaid> ok
15:40 < gregdek> yates: I would say both, but the key to both is awareness.
15:40 < rharrison> its one that our Ubuntu friends aren't doing such a
good job at.
15:41 < stickster> yates: q.v. "Target Audience" in the marketing plan
15:41 < quaid> keep your eye out for Fedora grid naming discussion on
15:41 < gregdek> OK, so...
15:41  * quaid opens the aft door, gives the thumbs up, and bails out
15:41 < gregdek> ...how do we pull this together into actionable work
for an individual to be responsible for?
15:42 < gregdek> :)
15:42  * stickster thinks
15:42 < kcatallo> Maybe we could have one or multiple ppl take on the
four Fs and come up with the main things that distinguish Fedora under
each of those themes and we can work from there?
15:43 < gregdek> In the specific context of F9?
15:43  * gregdek hrms.
15:43 < kcatallo> maybe we do two: one specifically for F9 and one
generally that we can use all the time?
15:43 < stickster> Dividing up by the 4F's is dicey because there's
quite a bit of crossover when you look at some of our targets
15:44 < gregdek> stickster: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking.
15:44 < yates> do we have a list of the mediums we will be marketing
through and how each targets specific demographics/markets to increase
awareness? Which the key stories based on the F words would be
distributed through?
15:44 < rharrison> So I assume we'll want a "Best Practices" for
writing up marketing stuff (Part of the Marketing Plan?) wo
uldn't we just need a paragraph or in the "Firsts" highlighting that
15:44 < gregdek> yates: I think that's next.
15:44 < mizmo> what are the artifacts you get out of the 4F process
15:44 < mizmo> a web page?
15:44 < mizmo> a flyer?
15:44 < mizmo> a press release?
15:44 < gregdek> Yeah.
15:44 < gregdek> I wonder if maybe we shouldn't be thinking about
those artifacts first.
15:44 < gregdek> I mean, the 4 Fs are pretty intuitive.
15:45 < yates> sorry, I was getting a little a head of myself there
15:45 < rharrison> mizmo, I was thinking that we needed a
MarketingMaterials page for each release.  Starting out with just the
headings you mentioned so people would know what we had and what we
were lacking.
15:45 < gregdek> And I think we have done some explanation of those 4
Fs in the Plan, but we can tighten that up, and I know Max will work
on that.
15:45 -!- neugens [n=neugens at] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:45 < gregdek> But for F9, we're looking for *examples of the
successes of the 4 Fs*, I think.
15:46 < gregdek> How have the 4 Fs made F9 better?
15:46 < stickster> gregdek: i.e. Folks + First (for Fedora) = easier CLA process
15:46 < gregdek> stickster: Exactly.
15:46 < gregdek> We need a ton of examples like that.
15:46 < gregdek> So I'm feeling a work item coalesce:
15:46 < gregdek> * Examples of the 4Fs success in F9 timeframe.
15:46 < gregdek> Who can own this?
15:47 < mizmo> Freedom + Folks = openly developed and openly licensed
FOSS-created artwork
15:47 < gregdek> This may be a whole separate Idea Generation session.
15:47 < mizmo> yeh
15:47 < stickster> gregdek: I think so.
15:47 < mizmo> i would say, have a session
15:47 < mizmo> and have someone accountable for keeping track of
everything generated
15:47 < gregdek> OK.  Is anyone itching to own this one?
15:47  * JonRob must run
15:47 < gregdek> LOL!
15:47 < gregdek> COWARD!  :)
15:47  * JonRob notes, not running away from ownership!! lol
15:47  * stickster will take the itch.
15:47 < JonRob> bad timing
15:48 < gregdek> stickster: Don't let me talk you into anything,
Fedora Project Leader.  :)
15:48 < JonRob> i'll catch up with things later, if there's anything
anybody else won't take, put me on it :)
15:48 < stickster> Wiki ho!
15:48 < gregdek> OK.
15:48 < mizmo> who u callin a wiki ho
15:48 < jds2001> Fearless Project Leader :)
15:48 < mizmo> :-D
15:48 < gregdek> There will be another pause while gregdek, wiki ho,
updates the wiki.
15:48 < jds2001> lol
15:48 -!- JonRob [n=jon at 88-109-145-13.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has left
#fedora-mktg []
15:48 -!- Karlik|nb [n=Karlik at fedora/Karlik] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:49 < gregdek> stickster: How long before we can have an update?  Is
next week too soon?
15:49 < stickster> Nope, not too soon.
15:49 < gregdek> OK.
15:50 < gregdek> Nicely nicely.
15:50 < gregdek> What else?
15:50 < gregdek> Should we be talking about publications?
15:50 < gregdek> i.e. who we're going to target?
15:51 < gregdek> Or promotional materials of various kinds?
15:51 < gregdek> kcatallo: Any sage advice?
15:51 < kcatallo> I think what's very important to consider in terms
of audience/pubs is the comms medium you use to reach them
15:52 < gregdek> Yeah.
15:52 < kcatallo> there can be any combo of press releases, press
blogs, personal blogs, story pitching, etc.
15:52 < fugolini> +1
15:52 < gregdek> Well, there are *always* personal blogs.  We do
pretty well at that.
15:52 < gregdek> Actually, really well.
15:53 < stickster> Although we need to improve the consistent use of
"Fedora" to talk about ourselves.
15:53 < gregdek> I mean, there are some obvious places for us to chase.
15:53 < mizmo> the interviews seem to be really popular
15:53 < gregdek> mizmo: Which ones?
15:53 < yates> can we get something in the limelight? For instance
that spoof Ruby v Java series that landed on YouTube
15:53 < gregdek> The interviews with individual contributors like JonRob does?
15:53 < mizmo> gregdek, the ones jonrob did yeh
15:54 < stickster> And we know that Jack's story with NASA was a big hit.
15:54 < gregdek> yates: Depends on how creative the people who make it are.  :)
15:54 < mizmo> gregdek, i mean, even my little brother read them and
he is very mainstream in his reading choices
15:54 < gregdek> mizmo: Really?  Wow.
15:54 < gregdek> So should we be doing more of those?
15:54 < mizmo> he found them on digg
15:54 < gregdek> Wow!
15:54 < mizmo> i think so
15:55 < gregdek> Well, that's really awesome for the Folks angle.
15:55 < mizmo> i think the thing that is different about an interview
is its an actual person
15:55 < yates> gregdek: true! viral campaigns are great for building
awareness via the interwebs these days though
15:55 < mizmo> it's not some complicated technical thing, it's a real
conversation, easy to read too
15:55 < gregdek> yates: are you or people you know up to that kind of
challenge?  :)
15:55 < gregdek> mizmo: that implies that either (a) jonrob needs to
work triple time, or (b) we need to look hard for more jonrobs.
15:56 < mizmo> gregdek, yep
15:56 < yates> gregdek: let me do some shout outs, I should have a
definite response by the next meeting
15:56 < mizmo> what would be really sweet is videos on you tube
15:56 < gregdek> Sigh.
15:56 < stickster> gregdek: Easy...
15:56 < mizmo> sorry :( its true tho
15:56 < tw2113> there are a lot of youtube videos with linux
15:56 < mizmo> especially if youre going for viral
15:56 < gregdek> I've been resisting YouTube in favor of something
more Fedora-friendly, but that's looking tougher and tougher.
15:56 < tw2113> and i bet most just show off compiz effects
15:56 < mizmo> i mean, if a freaking suspicious looking groundhog can
hit the big time
15:56 < mizmo> because of you tube
15:57 < mizmo> and ricky astley! come on
15:57 < mizmo> well
15:57 < gregdek> I *will* rickroll you.
15:57 < stickster> "Never gonna give you up... never gonna bring you down..."
15:57 < gregdek> The video thing is painful.
15:57 < tw2113> what could we create a video of that shows specific
Fedora stuff?
15:57 < gregdek> It's a painful set of choices.
15:57 < jds2001> heh.  I was recording something for youtube or
whatever with my cheapo digital camera
15:57 < jds2001> but Nikon fail.  It records in AVI :/
15:57 < mizmo> how about a slide at the end of the video: 'visit
blahblahblah.com/blah to download an OGG of this video'
15:57 < kushal> but all screencasting software are failed in F8
15:58 < kushal> s/failed/failing
15:58 < gregdek> mizmo: Then we've got to store them all as OGGs.
Which puts a lot more burden on the producer of the video.
15:58 < tw2113> i know RH does some interesting videos
15:58 < yates> if we're aiming for awareness of Fedora the OS and not
Fedora community, YouTube is an ideal candidate, spoofs migrate
themselves across the ether, the eyeballs and lasting attention from
that is almost incalculable, it's just another tool in our kit box
15:58 < jds2001> kushal: i use istanbul with fairly good luck
15:58 < mizmo> gregdek, is fedora tv ... painful at this point?
15:58 < mizmo> gregdek, because it could be a pointer to there
15:58 < gregdek> mizmo: You have no idea.
15:58 < rharrison> mizmo, I think that should probably go in the description
15:58 < kushal> jds2001, istanbul quality is not so good
15:58 < mizmo> gregdek, lol i assumed as much
15:58 < gregdek> I'll probably blog about it later today.
15:58 < gregdek> Because it's time to bring some closure.
15:59 < gregdek> I was trying to get something working with
archive.org, but man, they're having problems right now.
15:59 < gregdek> Still, that might be the best choice.
15:59 < gregdek> I'll pose this question to Lazyweb later today.
15:59 < mizmo> i wonder if it would be enough to say that the video
was created using a FOSS workflow
15:59 < rharrison> especially once FedoraTV gets going
15:59 < mizmo> and uploaded as an ogg
16:00 < gregdek> It's a hard thing.  Basically, the "Freedom" F
becomes the "Fail" F when it comes to video.  :/
16:00 < gregdek> But that's my pain.  Let's table this idea for now.  :)
16:00 < mizmo> okay
16:01  * tw2113 pours coffee for everyone
16:01 < mizmo> is it okay to post guerilla videos in the meantime? o_O
16:01  * mizmo has a psp camera....
16:01 < gregdek> mizmo: Absolutely.  :)
16:01 < mizmo> okie doke
16:01 < gregdek> From a viral perspective, no question.
16:01 < gregdek> Gah.
16:01 < gregdek> Where were we?
16:02 < kcatallo> pubs/modes of communication?
16:02 < gregdek> Right.  :)
16:02 < gregdek> Oh, interviews!
16:02 < jds2001> i can communicate *at* the pub :)
16:02 < gregdek> I wanted to get back to that.
16:02 < gregdek> jds: Do you live at the pub?
16:02 < gregdek> It's a rhetorical question.  :)
16:02 < gregdek> Anyway.
16:03 < gregdek> mizmo: My concern about interviews -- will too many
of them be "too much"?
16:03 < gregdek> Or is there no such thing as "too many Fedora interviews"?
16:03 < mizmo> gregdek, i dont know as how you could have too many :)
16:03 < mizmo> gregdek, especially if they show off new cool shiz (the
First part)
16:04 < tw2113> part of me would want to prioritize interview areas,
but that would also be unfair
16:04 < spevack> I think you need to have 2 or 3 that are being
Featured at any given time, but an archive with all of them is a fine
16:04 -!- Sonar_Guy [n=sglaser at fedora/sonarguy] has joined #fedora-mktg
16:04 < mizmo> yeh totally
16:04 < tw2113> like highlight the features that have made huge leaps
16:04 < tw2113> or areas that will hopefully further push our edge-ness
16:05 < mizmo> some other things, that are maybe less interview and
more tutorial but it would be good to feature a particular fedora
person doing the demo
16:05 < mizmo> is like, 'how to set up a bluetooth remote to work with
totem on fedora 9' or something like that
16:05 < mizmo> things like that on digg seem to get a lot of diggs
because they are practical
16:06 < mizmo> it gives you ideas for cool things you can do with your computer
16:06 < tw2113> those are things that a lot of people would be able to utilize
16:06 < mizmo> because there is a lot of cool shiz you can do if only
you knew that fedora can do it
16:06 < mizmo> some of the setups people have here on their desktops
are pretty cool
16:06 < stickster> This is something that also ties into new features.
 The more we can show people how to use them, (hopefu
lly) the less resistance there is to them
16:06 < stickster> Change is scary but tutorials can help soften the blow.
16:07 < mizmo> i think someone has a setup where, when he walks away
from his computer, it detects that his cell phone is no longer in
close proximity to the computer and it pulls up the screensaver
16:07 < gregdek> Hm.  So a combo interview/demo.
16:07 < mizmo> yeh, then it makes the feature more valuable
16:07 < kushal> Milanito, nice idea
16:07 < kushal> oops
16:08 < kushal> mizmo, nice idea
16:08 < stickster> And btw, istanbul works great in F9 Beta afaict.
16:08 < gregdek> Yay!
16:08 < kushal> stickster, oh, that is great news
16:08 < Sparks> mizmo: I think he was at DEFCON...  I saw the
presentation somewhere else, though.
16:08 < kushal> stickster, I loved recordmydesktop more though
16:08 < gregdek> This kind of interview is a great feature/folks double play.
16:08 < gregdek> All right.
16:08 < gregdek> How can we generate as many of these potential
interviews as possible?
16:09 < gregdek> Does this dovetail with the other brainstorming session, maybe?
16:09 < stickster> gregdek: Yes.
16:09 < mizmo> Sparks, oh okay, i think he sits in the office lol i
dont remember who it is
16:09 < stickster> We can split that session -- 1/2 story ideas, 1/2
interview/demo ideas
16:09 < mizmo> +1
16:09  * stickster just set up
16:09 < gregdek> OK.  Then I'll put this on your plate as well.
16:10 < gregdek> A brief pause for me while I add this to the task list...
16:11 < gregdek> OK.
16:11 < gregdek> I'm back.
16:11 < gregdek> So we've got a bunch of stuff to work on.
16:12 < gregdek> Are there any *key* things we need to be thinking
about and planning for *now* that (a) we haven't covered, and (b)
aren't being covered somewhere else?
16:12  * mizmo cant think of anything
16:12 < tw2113> world domination
16:12 < gregdek> I kinda wonder if we've got a list of talks with
press peeps lined up.
16:13 < gregdek> kcatallo: Is this what you guys will help us handle
at release time?
16:13 < stickster> Caroline emailed me that was in progress
16:13 < gregdek> Sweet.
16:13 < stickster> I'm sure kschiltz is in on it too
16:13 < kcatallo> Yes, Kara will be working with Caroline on outreach
and lining interviews up as the date approaches
16:14 < gregdek> Okey doke.
16:14 < gregdek> Well, that seems well in hand then.
16:14 -!- Sonar_Guy [n=sglaser at fedora/sonarguy] has quit [Read error:
104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:15 < gregdek> I think this has been pretty good.  Plenty to keep us all busy.
16:15 < kcatallo> Another thing that would be great is as we approach
press release writing time, a list of all of the things you want
focused on will be really helpful
16:15 < kcatallo> in terms of what #s we come up with, etc.
16:15 < gregdek> I hope that falls out of the 4 Fs brainstorm.
16:15 < gregdek> And the metrics work.
16:15 -!- Sonar_Guy [n=sglaser at fedora/sonarguy] has joined #fedora-mktg
16:15 < kcatallo> sounds good
16:15 < gregdek> Is anyone itching to continue meeting?  :)
16:15 -!- kschiltz [n=kschiltz at nat/redhat/x-9910d3c703073e1d] has quit
[Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:16 < stickster> I'm still here
16:16 < tw2113> i have nowhere to go other than perhaps the post office
16:16 < mizmo> im still here
16:16 < gregdek> fugolini: Are you there?
16:17 < gregdek> Because we could definitely talk about Ambassador ideas.
16:17 < gregdek> Oooh... L10N of all this stuff.
16:17 < fugolini> yep
16:17 < gregdek> Boy.  That's a big 'un.
16:17  * gregdek takes a deep breath.
16:18 < gregdek> So if we *really* want worldwide reach...
16:18 < fugolini> at this point
16:18 < stickster> gregdek: L10N of video... hard.
16:18 -!- kschiltz [n=kschiltz at nat/redhat/x-a706ed4cad3eb704] has
joined #fedora-mktg
16:18 < kushal> stickster, that is what I am doing
16:18 < stickster> gregdek: L10N of subtitles... hard but might be
do-able with a GNOME hacker.
16:18 < fugolini> Famsco didn't start a discussion over such issue
16:18 < kushal> stickster, I record the videos first with recordmydesktop
16:18 < kushal> stickster, then record audio with audacity
16:18 < fugolini> we have to close some other issues
16:19 < kushal> stickster, then mix with pitivi
16:19 < gregdek> fugolini: Any ambassador plans for F9 at this point?
16:19 < fugolini> tomorrow
16:19 < kushal> theoretically easy :(
16:19 < fugolini> we will have a better organized idea
16:19 < iWolf> there's the release parties we are trying to encourage.
16:19 < fugolini> we have in mind to make some Fedora 9 Parties
16:20 < fugolini> but we haven't yet talk about the organization
16:20  * jds2001 would be game for doing one in NYC
16:20 < fugolini> iWolf proposed some interesting things
16:20 < kushal> final editing in kino
16:20 -!- kschiltz [n=kschiltz at nat/redhat/x-a706ed4cad3eb704] has quit
[Client Quit]
16:20 < fugolini> just give use the time to close some important items
16:20 < iWolf> i sugmitted a request to the art list to try to get
some flyers made up that folks can use in their local area to
16:20 < gregdek> fugolini: We can talk more at next week's meeting, maybe?
16:20 < jds2001> im not really sure how such a thing would work though
16:21  * Sparks bails as he has to beat afternoon traffic
16:21 < fugolini> gregdek: +10000000000
16:21 < gregdek> :)
16:21 < gregdek> fugolini: OK.  I'll put you on the agenda for an
update next week.
16:21 -!- kcatallo [n=kcatallo at nat/redhat/x-27a08aca624d15e1] has quit
16:21  * jds2001 WFH today, no traffic :).  None normally either since
I live a 10 minute walk from my office :)
16:22  * stickster preparing email to f-marketing-l
16:22 < gregdek> OK, so there's one "priority one" item left on the
agenda: "Beta Release Overview".
16:22 < gregdek> Is this being handled elsewhere?
16:22 < gregdek> i.e. by the docs team?
16:22 < gregdek> Or is this something else?
16:23 < rharrison> Is that the single summary?
16:23 < gregdek> Maybe.
16:23 < gregdek> It was listed as a separate item, so I'm bringing it up.
16:24 < gregdek> Yeah, looks like it's linking to SSS.
16:24 < gregdek> So who owns it?
16:25 < gregdek> I sound like an owl.
16:25 < gregdek> Who?  Who?  Who owns "Beta Release Overview"?
16:26 < gregdek> quaid was the last one to touch the SSS page... :)
16:26 < stickster> gregdek: I think this is Docs ownership.
16:27 < gregdek> stickster: Who's the current fdisco lead?
16:27 < stickster> quaid:
16:27 < gregdek> Then quaid is the winner!
16:27 < stickster> Because of the way the page is written, it's still
unclear to some people (including me to a small extent) what we need
to do to make this page fulfill its intended function.
16:27 < stickster> There's some hints in the latest FDSCo meeting IRC log
16:27 < gregdek> Well, then, I guess quaid will fill us in!
16:28 < stickster>
16:28 < gregdek> That's what he gets for going to pick up his kids.  ;)
16:28 < stickster> I think a lot of it is just painful wiki editing.
16:28 < gregdek> Yeah,
16:28 < stickster> This is what we get for not pruning as we go for so long.
16:28 < gregdek> Well, considering that this is clearly already being
handled by the docs team, maybe we just kill this work item
16:28 < stickster> i.e. lots of work all at once to accomplish painful
but important goal :-)
16:28 < stickster> gregdek: I think that makes sense.
16:29 < stickster> Or at least reference it and make it clearly a Docs task
16:29 < gregdek> Does quaid have the horses to get this done?
16:29 < gregdek> We could make a call for volunteers on f-mktg-l...
16:30 < gregdek> Anyway.  It's almost 4:30, and it feels like people
have wandered off somewhat.
16:30 < gregdek> So I think I'm about to call this meeting.
16:30 < gregdek> Any objections?
16:30 < yates> still about :)
16:30 < gregdek> All right, yates, anything to add?  :)
16:30 < yates> haha, nope, sorry, was just dropping in
16:31 < gregdek> Then meeting adjourned in 5...
16:31 < gregdek> 4...
16:31 < gregdek> 3...
16:31 < gregdek> 2...
16:31 < gregdek> 1...
16:31 < gregdek> 1/2...
16:31 < tw2113> .
16:31  * gregdek BANGS the gavel!
16:31 < gregdek> Meeting adjourned.

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