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Re: Examples of what "fedora thing" can do :)

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 12:08 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> 2008/4/29 Rashadul Islam <irashadul gmail com>:
> > - Prepare some differences between Fedora 9 and UBUNTU or REDHAT Enterprise
> > edition. It really helps.
> Let me strongly suggest that making a detailed side by side
> comparisons with any other distribution is NOT something fedora as a
> project or its representative should be doing.  Its an activity that
> comes with strong inherent biases and it will be very difficult to
> make a fair comparison where the person putting together the material
> has not been influenced by the differing degrees of experience with
> each distribution.  If we do it in a way that looks like its an
> official Fedora project presentation..a person's intimate knowledge of
> Fedora and relatively poor knowledge of other distributions can come
> off as biased propaganda meant to sully the work of others. Avoid
> doing it.  Comparisons such as this are best left to 3rd parties.
> Avoid setting up a presentation that attempts to measure a specific
> Fedora release relative to any other distribution's specific release.
> Prepare the materials based on the inherent characteristics of Fedora
> and relative changes from previous Fedora releases.  If you must
> answer questions like "What's different between Fedora and this other
> distribution" then focus on the Fedora Project's goal to drive open
> innovation that benefits all linux users regardless of distribution by
> working as closely with upstream projects as possible.  A very
> informed Fedora enthusiast will have a hard time making equally
> informed statements about distributions which are not closely aligned
> with Fedora ecosystem.

+1 on all the above.

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