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New Content for fedoraproject.org

In the last websites meeting
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Meetings/2008-04-30 ) a
discussion about the path that the websites team should follow was
discussed and so a new vision for the website will be proposed to get
started. One of the hot topics that was discussed is the content
displayed in the fedoraproject.org site. Currently the content used is
not enough for a user to get to know the project and so he must be
redirected to the wiki to find some basic things about fedora project.

As you all might now the marketing team is the one leading the efforts
on how the project is being promoted and as the website is one of the
tools used to promote fedora, the content displayed there should be of
high quality and very representative. 

Having that in mind im asking the people here in the marketing team to
join me in the process of generating/providing the content that should
be used in the website. The ones who want to help would work along with
people from the website team, the art team, and the translation guys in
order to have a good and representative website. 

So is anyone interested in helping? :)

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