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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

Juan Camilo Prada wrote:


I remember that discussion (i think i started it back then)

Right and there was similar discussions before where nothing happened after that too.

One thing we settled in the websites meeting is the difference between
small changes and long term overhauls. For fedora 9 release there is
nothing to be done in this effort apart from what it is usually done
when a new release comes (new screenshots, new links here and there and
promoting the new release)

I don't see why we can't make simple obvious improvements before we reach the "vision" point and even then, I can see it happening incrementally instead of dropping off existing content or design. A small list would be:

 * Fix the download page.
* Look at previous proposals in this list and elsewhere and start off from there

Ideal world discussions are boring.


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