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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

Juan Camilo Prada wrote:

Thats exactly what i try to avoid with this. Having just small changes
is good for a small periods of time, but requirements to satisfy the
users of a website change and in order to keep those users we have to
change the way the website behaves and  sooner or later that must be
done (the sooner the less users we lose)

Incremental changes can be done in parallel with discussions about alternative designs.

Just try to visualize the project in two or three years having the same
website, ´╗┐no effort being made to get new content and new attractive
things for the users. Wouldn't that makes you think the project is

If I find a good design, it becomes part of the brand and doesn't have to change ever so often fundamentally. There is a effort going to setup news.fp.o and help with that is welcome. Karsten Wade also proposed making the front page more dynamic via RSS feeds. Mockup at


If you have other ideas, showing mockups like that is easier to make sure all of us are talking about the same thing.


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