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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

On Thu, 2008-05-01 at 02:06 -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> Sorry, I don't agree with this assertion at all.  Not even a little bit.
> Your implication is that any useful change *must* be revolutionary.
> I firmly believe that any useful change must be *evolutionary*.  Someone 
> says "I think this particular problem needs to be fixed."  Others agree, 
> or disagree.  If most agree, someone proposes a fix, and then at some 
> point that fix is implemented.
> The alternative that you propose is boiling the ocean.  That's hard enough 
> with a team full of dedicated professionals, slugging it out every day; I 
> refer you to redhat.com as proof.  Tackling that same task with 
> *volunteers* is an impossibility.

Im not proposing an impossible. Right now the way the website is being
held is "hey i think this should be in the website", then somebody who
has access and can commit changes, makes the change and thats all. So
the websites is quickly getting into lots of "small" ideas with no
common goal in mind. 

> Am I wrong?  Do we all remember the work that we put into setting up the 
> Plone instance for our Fedora Content Management System?  And after the 
> infrastructure team took weeks to get that thing configured, *no one* did 
> *anything* with it.  *Nothing*.
> In your other note, you mentioned news as a problem.  I agree.  Fedora 
> Weekly News should be on the front page, as should the Fedora Planet. 
> Either of these can be accomplished with a quick mock-up.

Thats something to discuss and is one of the reason of this efforts.
Does really the planet need to be in the front page?... why?... wouldnt
that make having planet.fedoraproject.org useless?... if we have the
planet on the frontpage then why would we need planet.fedoraproject.org?

This kind of questions are the ones that we need to answer in order to
focus the web (fp.o) to achive A goal. And i say A goal and not THE goal
because currently there is no goal for the website, there is just lot of
ideas together ( i think im repeating myself... )

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