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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

On Thu, 1 May 2008, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

I think there's this assumption that the current Fedora website is terribly useless. But I look at the front page of fedoraproject.org, and I see *exactly* what I think I *should* see.

Here's what I said in the Websites meeting yesterday:

The two most important actions someone can take are GETTING FEDORA and JOINING FEDORA.

I would like to see one group of people focus on making the CONTENT for the Join page as great as possible.

I would like to see another group of people lead the charge on making GET FEDORA as useful as possible, which includes making it DEAD SIMPLE for people to just grab the Gnome or KDE spins, and also giving people a way to browse all the spins that are available -- what spins.fp.o was meant to be. This second task is a legitimate Web Engineering Project.

A third group of people should take responsibility for making sure that all of the Fedora Websites have a consistent look and feel.

These are the three areas in which I am going to try to influence the direction of the Websites team.

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