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Re: Fedora 9 press kits

Max Spevack wrote:
Hi all:

Some transparency. As you know, right around the time of a release, a number of press outlets are interested in trying out Fedora 9 and interviewing the Fedora Project Leader about the new release.

With Kara's help, we've put together a Press Kit for these media folks, which includes a Live USB key, a Fedora sticker, and the attached document which gives a brief overview of the Live USB and a few general facts about Fedora to press.

This will then be supplemented by the interviews that Paul gives, which go into specific detail about various features of the release, and cool stuff happening in our community.

So far, we've only sent out 2 of these. But there will be more next week. So if you have any suggestions, please make them here on the list. It is imperative that the document remain only one page in length.

The preview release is not the same as a release candidate as the document implies. The preview release is the start of the stabilization phase and development freeze.

Instead of "does not offer paid support contracts", point out the presence of community support/help.

Expand "OS" as operating system.

"make to package set ..." can be altered as "changes to software or settings"


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