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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

Juan Camilo Prada wrote:

Another question i have is, do we have some explanation about each media
that we provide?, i could fin explanation on whats the difference
between the Live media (general idea) and Installation dvd, but i cant
seem to find a description about what is the Desktop Live CD or KDE Live
CD... also information about spins would be good.

Fedora Desktop Spin: This spin is for Fedora users on desktops and laptops. It combines the best of breed software packages that a typical home user would use that fits into a CD.

Fedora KDE Spin: This spin is a alternative to the Fedora Desktop Live CD but showcases and focuses on KDE software and is a great option for KDE fans.

Ditto for Fedora Xfce spin. Good for low resource systems.

Fedora Electronics Lab Spin : This spin helps professionals and students design, simulate and program electronic systems. Included are tools for analog and digital simulation, circuit simulation, hardware development, micro-controller development, and embedded systems development.

Fedora Games Spin: This spin is a Live DVD that allows you to explore the wonderful and fun gaming potential of Fedora without altering your existing setup. Included are a variety of modern, 3-D shooters such as Nexuiz and Quake 3, along with classics such as Freeciv and Nethack!

Fedora Developer Spin: This spin is a Live DVD jam-packed with various development applications, such as Eclipse, Anjuta, git, cvs, lynx, emacs, and a hex editor; and build tools like GCC, Inkscape, Koji, createrepo, mock, rpmdevtools, rpmlint and much more.

You might want to highlight livecd-tools, liveusb-creator and newly added support for persistence. Encryption and partition resizing support in Anaconda along with liveusb-creator on Windows provides a good migration path.



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