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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

>  A new section to fp.o was added under the 'What is fedora?' link on the
>  navigation bar, where some basic info about the project appears. It
>  tries to fill the hole left by the lack of information about what the
>  project really is. I think that information really needs to be
>  reviewed and approved by the community so i expect some feedback about
>  that.

I like having this overview off the wiki, but personally I think it
could do with a little re-wording.

The other thing, I came up with draft content for a "get help" page a
while ago, that pointed people specifically to the locations where
they can get end-user support.


Might be useful for you.

>  Also (and is not a new idea) there is the news bar to the right side of
>  the page. It works but it still needs some improvements so it will
>  display news depending on the language selected (right now that website
>  only works in English).
>  Another change that was made is the 'Get Fedora' section. Even though
>  right now the section is not functional, it shows the workflow a user
>  should follow in order to get fedora. While it seems to have so many
>  information and options that may get new users to get lost, some
>  improvements are to be made so the process get better and more
>  intuitive, so for now i would like you guys to check the workflow and
>  again give some feedback before the real work on the Get Fedora section
>  starts.

I think this is potentially a big improvement. One thing that Paul
mentioned on his thoughts on a new "get-fedora" page was that it
should be easy for developers to see all the techno-babble and not get
pulled down through lots of description - so maybe make sure there's a
link in there to all the mirror servers that's easily accessible?

Looking forward to discussing this at the meeting next week...



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