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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

On Thu, 2008-05-01 at 22:17 -0500, Juan Camilo Prada wrote:
> So I've made some changes to the current layout again using Máirín's
> mockups (probably somebody might remember the proposal i did a few
> months ago). This time i avoided doing just what i though it should be
> done and actually asked for some help to get the content that should
> appear on the site.
> The proposal is here: http://jprada.fedorapeople.org/out/en/index 

Suggestion:  The "Principles" section is redundant since both the
principles are highlighted already in the "About Fedora" section.  You
can probably eliminate it.

> A new section to fp.o was added under the 'What is fedora?' link on the
> navigation bar, where some basic info about the project appears. It
> tries to fill the hole left by the lack of information about what the
> project really is. I think that information really needs to be
> reviewed and approved by the community so i expect some feedback about
> that.

Suggestion:  I'm not bowled over by having almost 1/3 of the content
devoted to talking about why we don't have MP3 out of the box.  The page
should concentrate on positives.  Maybe that source text could use a bit
of revision.  Fedora is about more than just codecs and we should use
this space to talk about all the other things you can do with (and in)

Really this suggestion speaks more to the need for a revision of the
"Overview" page.  I had spoken up about doing this before and simply
haven't had a chance to take care of it.  I've pushed it up on my ToDo
list accordingly. :-)

> Also (and is not a new idea) there is the news bar to the right side of
> the page. It works but it still needs some improvements so it will
> display news depending on the language selected (right now that website
> only works in English). 

Design suggestion:  Have the box a much more muted grey color (very
light) and change the links to the color of the ones on the left.  Or
mute the blue out and have those links appear as white text.  Something
that doesn't draw the eye so easily away from the center of the page.

> Another change that was made is the 'Get Fedora' section. Even though
> right now the section is not functional, it shows the workflow a user
> should follow in order to get fedora. While it seems to have so many
> information and options that may get new users to get lost, some
> improvements are to be made so the process get better and more
> intuitive, so for now i would like you guys to check the workflow and
> again give some feedback before the real work on the Get Fedora section
> starts.

I wrote a proposed workflow in
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PaulWFrields/NewGetFedora which you could
refer to.  It's very important that this page follow some guidelines
like avoiding jargon and asking human-flavored questions.

I really feel that the page should use JavaScript to present only one
question at a time, hiding and unhiding page elements as needed so the
user doesn't feel overwhelemed by the process, yet the page feels like
it's responding very quickly to the user's input.

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