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Re: New Content for fedoraproject.org

On Fri, 2 May 2008, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> Juan Camilo Prada wrote:
> >
> > Another question i have is, do we have some explanation about each media
> > that we provide?, i could fin explanation on whats the difference
> > between the Live media (general idea) and Installation dvd, but i cant
> > seem to find a description about what is the Desktop Live CD or KDE Live
> > CD... also information about spins would be good.
> Fedora Desktop Spin: This spin is for Fedora users on desktops and laptops. It
> combines the best of breed software packages that a typical home user would
> use that fits into a CD.
> Fedora KDE Spin: This spin is a alternative to the Fedora Desktop Live CD but
> showcases and focuses on KDE software and is a great option for KDE fans.
> Ditto for Fedora Xfce spin. Good for low resource systems.
> Fedora Electronics Lab Spin : This spin helps professionals and students
> design, simulate and program electronic systems. Included are tools for analog
> and digital simulation, circuit simulation, hardware development,
> micro-controller development, and embedded systems development.

One thing we'd talked about long ago for this was to have an xml file or
something else on the wiki or fedorapeople for each spin where they can
basically have a "Description = 'this is blah', summary='blah blah'" then,
once we have the template in place, we populate it with that content.

It'd allow the owners of each spin to update their page without having to
go through someone.


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