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Re: Fedora Overview

Jonathan Roberts wrote:

[Quick notes]

that Fedora drives, this has had significant and
long lasting effects. Some of the recent developments in free and open
source software that Fedora has driven include:

 * NetworkManager
 * D-Bus
 * OpenJDK
 * FreeIPA
 * SELinux
 * PulseAudio

We can't take much credit for OpenJDK. Sure Fedora has done IcedTea and to be in distributions like Fedora out of the box was one of Sun's goals in open sourcing it but 95% of the work has been done outside of Fedora. If you want to pick a desktop components, there are several others like HAL, PolicyKit, PackageKit etc you can highlight.

The reverse is also true: by sticking close to upstream development
teams, Fedora gets the latest software before anybody else.

Not always but usually.

. Some official versions of Fedora have grown up this
way, including:

 * Fedora XFCE Spin
 * Fedora Electronics Lab
 * Fedora Developers Spin
 * Fedora Games Spin
 * Fedora Hindi Spin

It is now officially refered to as "Xfce" and not "XFCE" since the historic acronym (Xforms) does not even apply anymore. Skip the last one and move electronics lab as first.

 * Fedora Hosted is the perfect location for hosting your project

... your free and open source projects. I wouldn't mind retaining most of the references from



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