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introducing myself :)


I think, it’s polite to introduce myself, because I want to do some fedora actions in slovakia.

My name is Patrik Cevela and I live in small town called Liptovsky Mikulas in Slovakia.

Why i want to promote Fedora in my country? In Slovakia, many people knows Ubuntu or Kubuntu,

but almost nobody knows Fedora and that is pretty frustrating for me.

So, for the beginning I want to open webshop (later, with gods help, maybe stone shop) with T-Shirts, stickers and other stuff like that...

Later,  if I can find sponzors, some magazine Ads or even DVD addition in IT magazines.

I am studying at High School so I have enough time J

I am also web administrator for www.scifi-guide.net (slovak site about scifi )

If do you have any questions, you are free to ask.


Best Regards

Patrik Cevela

Morusova 523/4

Liptovsky Mikulas

031 04


ICQ. 112-086-185


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