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Re: Istanbul screencasting

Paul W. Frields wrote:
If you try the new packages located in koji here:

Please also leave a message in bodhi saying it worked:
Then Jef can get the package pushed more easily into the actual updates

So it seems Istanbul is now able to record videos with sound (at least, it was long time missing), which is an useful feature.

However, I will be picky and list another needed feature: video quality adjustment (not having it, I find compelled to use gtk-RecordMyDesktop instead, but that had its share of problems too). Istanbul have a predefined, low, setting quality. This is suboptimal for a couple of reasons: - a maximum video quality (100 for RecordMyDesktop) is much easier on your CPU (less compression to do), so it allows recording screencasts on less powerful machines (at the price of larger file sizes); - the built it video quality in Istanbul is low, very low. While it may not matter when uploading to YouTube, which lowers the quality even further, for desktop viewing it *is* noticeable.

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