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Re: USB Keys

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
2008/5/13 Karlie Robinson <karlie_robinson webpath net>:
I can buy USB keys wholesale (in the USA) if you want to duplicate the
drives yourself.  I don't mind ordering at cost for Ambassadors.

What sort of cost would that be? Would it be possible to forward them
over to the UK? I guess it would make most sense for me to buy them
wholesale over here, especially for the project I'm going to need 600
wholesale price fluctuates so I can give you a price for today, but expect it to go up or down tomorrow.

There may also be Low order fees (usually less than $100 ordered at a time but wouldn't apply here) and if you want me to ship it out of the USA, I have to ship it here first and then ship it again to you as I can only drop ship in the Continental USA. I also can't call it a gift if you pay me for the drives so you'll have to consider any customs duty.

Though if you really want it, I can explore distribution relationships in the UK. Email me off list.
So, today's price from one distributor...

KINGSTON DTI 2GB FLASH DRIVE 2GB DATA TRAVELER USB2.0 LIME GREEN - $11.50 (the cap-less style with the slide out USB plug is the same price - both in sufficient qty)

KINGSTON DT100 4GB FLASH DRIVE 4GB DATA TRAVELER USB2.0 - $18.25 (less than 600)

KINGSTON MF 8G USB2.0 DTI 8GB - $37.00 (less than 600)


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